Allen’s Real-Life Nightmare: Locked out of his Laptop!

I had a nightmare yesterday. My new laptop came on Wednesday, and because I was out all day and evening, I barely had time to set it up and log in before I went to bed. I was super excited, because I haven’t had a laptop in over 6 months.

Well, last evening, I opened my laptop and turned it on and tried to log in. Wrong password. Oh, snap. I tried again. And again. And again… I could not believe that I had forgotten my password. See, I knew what two words made up the password, but I could not figure out which letters were capitalized, and which had number substitutes.

So here I was, with a brand new laptop, and no way to get in. I mean *NO* *WAY*. I hadn’t had time to create a password restore disk, or an OS backup disk. I was sunk. Dad said to call Dell and find out if they could remotely get me back in. Well, I didn’t have the software warranty thing. I could get it for something like $250, or I could pay a one-time charge of $80 for them to unlock my computer. No way.

I did have the option of reinstalling the OS, since I had access to a legal copy if Windows 7 from school. I started the download, which would take… 8 hours? Besides, I didn’t really want to reinstall the OS.

I found a web page (using my desktop computer) that listed 6 different tools for getting into such an account. However at least 4 of them required that I have access to another account on the computer. Um… not an option – there was only one account, and it was locked!

I tried two of them, plus another tool from another page, and none of them worked. I was feeling really unhappy. I happened to see that my friend Parker, a fellow computer geek and a good friend, was on Gchat. So I told him my issue and asked what he’d do. His comments didn’t sound too hopeful, but then he contacted our mutual geek friend Stephen, who told him of a tool, and then Parks sent me the link. Like the cliche of a man clutching at straws (except this was more like a 2×4) I downloaded the tool and burned it to a CD – the third CD of the night.

I tried it, and alas, though it said that my password was erased, I still couldn’t log in. I was very sad at this point. But then I though, well, maybe I had to use the tool to reactivate my account, not just clear the password. So I did that. (I don’t know how many times I had to reboot the poor machine!)

And behold, the computer started up and loaded right into my account. I WAS SO HAPPY!!!!!!! You cannot imagine the relief when that happened. Well, maybe you can, but the ordeal is over now. It took me over 4 hours to hack into my account! I will be much more careful in the future.

George Wishart – Martyr for Jesus Christ, Part 3 (final)

Third and final part of three in the George Wishart series. Read part 1 and part 2.

Soon after his return to Montrose, the cardinal again conspired his death, causing a letter to be sent him as if it had been from his familiar friend, the laird of Kennier, in which it was desired with all possible speed to come to him, as he was taken with a sudden sickness. In the meantime the cardinal had provided sixty men armed to lie in wait within a mile and a half of Montrose, in order to murder him as he passed that way.

The letter came to Wishart’s hand by a boy, who also brought him a horse for the journey. Wishart, accompanied by some honest men, his friends, set forward; but something particular striking his mind by the way, he returned, which they wondering at, asked him the cause; to whom he said, “I will not go; I am forbidden of God; I am assured there is treason. Let some of you go to yonder place, and tell me what you find.” Which doing, they made the discovery; and hastily returning, they told Mr. Wishart; whereupon he said, “I know I shall end my life by that bloodthirsty man’s hands, but it will not be in this manner.”

A short time after this he left Montrose, and proceeded to Edinburgh, in order to propagate the Gospel in that city. By the way he lodged with a faithful brother, called James Watson of Inner-Goury. In the middle of the night he got up, and went into the yard, which two men hearing they privately followed him. While in the yard, he fell on his knees, and prayed for some time with the greatest fervency, after which he arose, and returned to his bed. Those who attended him, appearing as though they were ignorant of all, came and asked him where he had been. But he would not answer them. The next day they importuned him to tell them, saying “Be plain with us, for we heard your mourning, and saw your gestures.”
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George Wishart – Martyr for Jesus Christ, Part 2

Second installment of three in the George Wishart series. Read part 1.

A short time after this Mr. Wishart received intelligence that the plague had broken out in Dundee. It began four days after he was prohibited from preaching there, and raged so extremely that it was almost beyond credit how many died in the space of twenty-four hours. This being related to him, he, notwithstanding the importunity of his friends to detain him, determined to go there, saying: “They are now in troubles, and need comfort. Perhaps this hand of God will make them now to magnify and reverence the Word of God, which before they lightly esteemed.”

Here he was with joy received by the godly. He chose the east gate for the place of his preaching; so that the healthy were within, and the sick without the gate. He took his text from these words, “He sent His word and healed them,” etc. In this sermon he chiefly dwelt upon the advantage and comfort of God’s Word, the judgments that ensue upon the contempt or rejection of it, the freedom of God’s grace to all His people, and the happiness of those of His elect, whom He takes to Himself out of this miserable world. The hearts of his hearers were so raised by the divine force of this discourse, as not to regard death, but to judge them the more happy who should then be called, not knowing whether he should have such comfort again with them.

After this the plague abated; though, in the midst of it, Wishart constantly visited those that lay in the greatest extremity, and comforted them by his exhortations.

When he took his leave of the people of Dundee, he said that God had almost put an end to that plague, and that he was now called to another place. He went from thence to Montrose; where he sometimes preached, but he spent most of his time in private meditation and prayer.
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George Wishart – Martyr for Jesus Christ, Part 1

Excerpted from Fox’s Book of Martyrs

Zondervan, 1967
pp 199-204

An Account of the Life, Sufferings, and Death of Mr. George Wishart, Who Was Strangled and Afterward Burned, in Scotland, for Professing the Truth of the Gospel

About the year of our Lord 1543, there was, in the University of Cambridge, one Master George Wishart, commonly called Master George of Benet’s College, a man of tall stature, polled-headed, and on the same a round French cap of the best; judged to be of melancholy complexion by his physiognomy, black-haired, long-bearded, comely of personage, well spoken after his country of Scotland, courteous, lowly, lovely, glad to teach, desirous to learn, and well travelled; having on him for his clothing a frieze gown to the shoes, a black millian fustian doublet, and plain black hosen, coarse new canvas for his shirts, and white falling bands and cuffs at his hands.

He was a man modest, temperate, fearing God, hating covetousness; for his charity had never end, night, noon, nor day; he forbare one meal in three, one day in four for the most part, except something to comfort nature. He lay hard upon a puff of straw and coarse, new canvas sheets, which, when he changed, he gave away. He had commonly by his bedside a tub of water, in the which (his people being in bed, the candle put out and all quiet) he used to bathe himself. He loved me tenderly, and I him. He taught with great modesty and gravity, so that some of his people thought him severe, and would have slain him; but the Lord was his defence. And he, after due correction for their malice, by good exhortation amended them and went his way.

Oh, that the Lord had left him to me, his poor boy, that he might have finished what he had begun! for he went into scotland with divers of the nobility, that came for a treaty to King Henry.

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What we have been doing the past month

Some highlights of the past month include: harvesting 5 1/2 gallons of honey from our hives, almost finishing the siding on the house addition, finishing the concrete layer around the radiant heat (all four zones are now operational), scanning old letters from my great-great-great grandmother to my great-great grandmother, attending our church’s annual homeschool fair and getting a few prizes, special meetings at church with guest missionaries with an emphasis on Papua New Guinea and aviation, a pie social at church after one of the meetings, learning to cook with honey for the sweetener, eating our own home-grown beef (it really DOES taste better), celebrating Elliott getting his pilot’s license, and helping another man named Parfitt find out some of his family heritage.

We are now planning a special trip: going to visit my mother and grandmother in Arkansas the last week of December. I hope to meet my father’s uncle while we are down there. But I want to concentrate on visiting with Grandma Laura because she is 98. We will probably go bowling with her one day while we are down there. Ken and the boys want to do some work on their house, and that will probably take the form of replacing the floor in her bathroom.

Who I Am and What I Do, etc.

(I saw this list on the Reynolds Family’s blog and wanted to fill it in for myself.)

I am: a wife that grew up on a small Ozark farm and got born again to be married to an electrical engineer and be a mother of eight children
I think: raising children is more of a challenge than I ever imagined
I know: I learn more every year, especially from my husband and children
I have: the gift of God–eternal life 🙂
I wish: I had more time to do genealogy
I hate: hearing English used incorrectly, especially at church
I miss: seeing the dogwoods bloom on Matney Mountain in the spring
I fear: spiders
I feel: tired much of the time
I hear: my daughter’s feet running on the bare floor
I smell: the fresh stain on the new cedar balcony
I crave: sleep
I search: the house for lost keys, glasses, fingernail clippers, socks…
I wonder: if my lost family members will get saved
I regret: not praying for my family all these past years
I love: ice cream, tomatoes, and watermelon; but most of all, my husband
I ache: after pulling the weeds that I let get too big in the garden
I am not: a good encourager, but I want to learn to be
I believe: we need to want to be with Jesus, our Holy Creator, for all eternity
I dance: when I stub my toe
I sing: soprano, first soprano, descants, alto, and tenor; hymns and classic oratorios
I cry: sometimes when I pray for unsaved people
I don’t always: get to bed at a good time
I fight: my selfishness
I write: emails mostly, and daily entries in my calendar-journal
I win: at Pictionary with my husband as partner
I lose: at four-square
I never: cut my hair
I always: want to sing
I confuse: my husband and children probably
I listen: to the tape of our family singing
I can usually be found: at my computer
I am scared: of driving fast
I need: to praise my children more
I am happy about: going on trips with my husband
I imagine: visiting Arkansas
I am wearing: a worn-out denim jumper and floral short-sleeve blouse
I look forward to: finishing our house addition and moving things around


Progress on our house

front of addtion with new balcony

front of addition with new balcony

We have gotten much done on the house addition since last year’s post. We don’t have time to write! But reading others’ online journals has inspired me to try to write an update. First, though, I am testing this to see if it actually posts. Thanks for your patience with this little note.

Blizzard in September

No, it’s not cold here – far from it!  We are having a kind of “Indian Summer”.  I’m talking about schoolwork.

Have you ever experienced a whole bunch of projects and homework due at about the same time, and you feel like it can never get done?  If not, good for you.  It’s stressful!  Imagine taking the following classes, which, in fact, I am taking.

CSCI – Artificial Intelligence
CSCI – Operating Systems
CSCI – LISP Programming Language
CSCI – Software Engineering
CSCI – Theory of Computation
SPAN – Conversation Spanish
UBI   – Homiletics (Preaching)
UBI   – The Book of Daniel

CSCI stands for Computer Science, and UBI stands for Upstate Bible Institute.

Whew!  My friends told me last semester when they found out what I was taking that I was crazy – I think they were right!  So now I am burried by a blizzard of homework.  Some of it is easy, but much of it is not, and all of it takes time.  But I can’t give up!  Oh, boy, would I ever love to drop school and go back to a nice regular 40-hour work week…

No, I won’t think about that.  I’ve got to get back to my home work.  I’m learning, and more than just academics – I’m learning how to deal with pressure!

Picture-Perfect Late-Summer Day Pt. 2

House – Well, praise the Lord!  It was indeed another beautiful day, and we got a good deal done on the roof system.  If you looked at the house yesterday evening, and then this evening, you wouldn’t see much difference.  But there was a lot of detail work required to make the 2nd floor deck ready to accept the rafters.  We installed the ridge board and one rafter also.  Tomorrow, Lord willing, we’ll install a bunch of rafters and perhaps start on a dormer.

Meditation – We attended the IBLP Basic Seminar last week.  Mr. Gothard spoke about meditation and how using scripture in our prayers can be very powerful.  To that end, I’m endeavoring to memorize Romans chapter 6.  It reminds me of a great message I heard from Doug Schwaderer at an Old Paths Bible Baptist Church men’s meeting.  He spoke on the fact that we (that is our flesh) is DEAD.  Dead people don’t need to be catered to, or pampered, or fed or anything.  When your flesh want you to do something for it (usually something bad), tell it “you’re dead.  Be quiet.”  God’s Word is so good, useful and profiable, amen?


A Picture-Perfect Late-Summer Day

This is the sort of day that I really like. Sunny, but cool, light breeze, and I’m off work! Unfortunately, the last part was not true. I still could enjoy it on the way to work, and at lunch, and on the way home. Tomorrow on the other hand, I plan to take advantage of all aspects of a picture-perfect late-summer day by being off work. K. D. Parfitt & Sons Construction plan to install rafters on our one-and-a-half-story “addition”. I call it a quote-unquote “addition” because it’s really the main house. We built the addition four years ago. Please notice also that I used the plural verb-form of “plan” when referring to the activities of K. D. Parfitt & Sons because it is the proper way in the Queen’s English to refer to an organized body. For example, IBM are going bankrupt. Not that they really are; that was just an example. The stock market doesn’t need any more bad news.

Now, back to rafters. The rafters on our “addition” are fabricated from 22-foot 2x12s. I would like to get the roof on and the windows and doors installed before my next entry which will be titled “A Picture-Perfect Late-Autumn Day”.

Sincerely Yours,
Kenneth Parfitt